Living in Richmond, VA

Downtown Richmond is growing into a mecca for creative, unique homes. Whether you are buying or leasing, options are abundant — from the restoration of historic buildings to the new construction of sleek high-rises and modern townhomes.

The imagination of Richmond developers converting old places into new spaces has grown more innovative and exciting in the past few years. There is a “wow” factor in downtown residential buildings that you can’t find anywhere else. Imagine living in a former car dealership, a paper plant, a tobacco warehouse, an insurance headquarters, an armory, a bakery, a school or even in the Fountain of Deliverance.

Urban living has all the modern comforts of home that you’d expect to find anywhere — granite, stainless steel, jacuzzis, fireplaces, garages — yet so much more, like rooftop decks and pools and one-minute commutes. There are tons of restaurants within walking distance, and many are locally owned. The views from downtown are unbelievable, from water towers to white-water rapids, skylines to pristine landscapes, spaghetti works to railroad tracks, sunbathers to joggers, from vast fields of trees to blue herons and eagles; and, in some lofts, you can see it all.

Areas to Live in Downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond is made up of eight neighborhoods, each with its own identity, history and character. Explore all of downtown RVA's neighborhoods and find out which one is for you:

Arts District

The Arts District is the heart and home to RVA’s arts bringing together the best elements of Richmond creativity and cultural institutions like art galleries, co-working spaces and social clubs, theaters and more. Find places to live in the Arts District here.

City Center Innovation District

City Center Innovation District stands as a modern urban hub at the forefront of innovation, featuring high-rises and tech and science campuses. Find places to live in the City Center Innovation District here.

Court End

The historic Court End neighborhood is known for being home to VCU's impressive Health System and MCV Campus, The Valentine – Richmond's living history museum – and the innovation of VA Bio+Tech Park. Find places to live in Court End here.

Financial District

Hub to RVA's workforce, Fortune 500 companies, hotels for business travelers and to our city and state government, downtown's Financial District is the economic epicenter of Richmond and Virginia. Find places to live in the Financial District here.

Jackson Ward

Known as the "Harlem of the South" and the birthplace of Black entrepreneurship, Jackson Ward is rich in history, culture and community forging a new wave of creative enterprises and the next generation's creative class. Find places to live in Jackson Ward here.


RVA's fastest growing residential neighborhood and leader in development throughout the Richmond region, Manchester is the newest downtown neighborhood to explore. Find places to live in Manchester here.

Monroe Ward

The historic and scenic Monroe Ward is a perfect fit for local living and out-of-town visitors looking for a relaxing neighborhood that feels like home. Find places to live in Monroe Ward here.

Riverfront District

The Riverfront District seamlessly merges scenic beauty and urban vibrancy, providing a picturesque backdrop for recreational activities, cultural attractions, community events and waterfront experiences. Find places to live in the Riverfront District here.

Shockoe Bottom

From the 17th Street Market to the Richmond African Burial Ground and Main Street Station, there's something for everyone to explore in Shockoe Bottom. Find places to live in Shockoe Bottom here.

Shockoe Slip

Cobblestone streets, specialty shops and the Riverfront Canal Walk make up the picturesque neighborhood of Shockoe Slip and is home to attractions like The First Freedom Center, Riverfront Canal Cruises and more. Find places to live in Shockoe Slip here.

Downtown Richmond Virtual Tour

Explore Downtown Richmond's impactful economic development, alluring attractions, and vibrant retail & dining experiences through our immersive virtual tour.