Richmond Arts District

Where is the Richmond Arts District?

Downtown Richmond’s Arts District neighborhood is located in the northern portion of downtown bordered between N. Belvidere Street on the west, W. Marshall Street to the north, roughly N. 3rd Street to the east, and E. Grace Street to the south. Map

Richmond Arts District

History of the Arts District in Downtown Richmond

Sparked by a revitalization in the 2000s, the Arts District was created as a hub for creativity, commercial activity and economic development. Downtown RVA’s Arts District combines all the elements of a thriving downtown: cultural institutions, urban living and amenities, a wide range of shops and restaurants and a distinctive identity of eclectic expression.

Richmond Arts District

Places to Live in the Arts District, Richmond, VA

The Arts District features recently converted and restored apartments in the historic buildings of the neighborhood that offer a quality of life centered around the vibrant energy of the neighborhood. While your home above the streets and storefronts offers sanctuary, you couldn’t be closer to the excitement and experiences throughout downtown’s Arts District.

Arts District Apartments:

Richmond Arts District

Things to Do in the Arts District

The Arts District is the heart and home to RVA’s arts and culture. Walk along, or around, Broad Street and you’ll find galleries, street art, small businesses, boutiques and more. Monthly events like RVA First Fridays and creative hubs like Common House Social Club and Gather make it a great place for work and play.

Richmond Arts District

Arts District Shops and Restaurants

Shop for vintage clothes and furniture, handmade and curated home goods and more at any of the Arts Districts’ many boutiques and stores in downtown Richmond. Once you find the perfect gift or thrift, make it a day downtown and grab lunch or happy hour at one of the many restaurants throughout the Arts District.

Shops and Services in the Arts District, Richmond, VA:

  • 68 Home, 5 W. Broad Street
  • 707 Fine Clothing, 310 E. Broad Street
  • Barky’s Spiritual Store, 18 E. Broad Street
  • Chilalay, 212 W. Broad Street
  • Circle Thrift, 400 W. Broad Street
  • The Collective, 318 W. Broad Street
  • Elegba Folklore Society, 101 E. Broad Street
  • Gather Coworking, 313 E. Broad Street
  • Grace Salon, 101 W. Broad Street
  • Harvey’s Barbershop, 100 E. Broad Street
  • HD Salon, 00 E. Broad Street
  • Image Enhancement Center, 0 E. Broad Street
  • It’s a Man’s World, 100 W. Broad Street
  • Jolene, 211 W. Broad Street
  • Ledbury, 315 W. Broad Street
  • Little Nomad, 104 W. Broad Street
  • Lou Stevens, 101 W. Broad Street
  • McCormick’s Barbershop, 100 E. Broad Street
  • Mod + Soul, 323 W. Broad Street
  • Parlor Salon, 115 W. Broad Street
  • Quirk Gallery + Shop, 207 W. Broad Street
  • Rotate, 322 W. Broad Street
  • The Someday Shop, 22 E. Broad Street
  • The Spot, 7 W. Broad Street
  • Taylor’s Barbershop, 115 W. Broad Street
  • Verdalina, 325 W. Broad Street
  • Waller & Co. Jewelers, 19 E. Broad Street

Restaurants in the Arts District, Richmond, VA:

  • 4 Cyber Cafe, 4 W. Broad Street
  • Bar Solita, 123 W. Broad Street
  • Charm School, 311 W. Broad Street
  • Choong Man Chicken, 200 W. Broad Street
  • Jamaica House, 416 W. Broad Street
  • Lift Coffee Shop, 218 W. Broad Street
  • The Lobby Bar (inside Quirk Hotel), 201 W. Broad Street
  • Max’s on Broad, 305 Brook Road
  • NAMA, 15 W. Broad Street
  • The Riviere, 506 W. Broad Street
  • Sonora Cantina + Rooftop, 11 W. Broad Street
  • SWITCH, 13 W. Broad Street
  • Tarrant’s Cafe, 1 W. Broad Street
  • Urban Hang Suite, 304 E. Broad Street
Richmond Arts District