Court End in Richmond, VA

Where is Court End in Richmond, VA?

The historic Court End neighborhood is located in the northern portion of downtown Richmond bordered between roughly N. 8th Street to the west, Interstate 95 to the north, 13th Street to the east and E. Broad Street to the south. Map

Court End in Richmond, VA

History of Court End in Downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond’s Court End neighborhood has transformed over the centuries and continues to be a relevant and significant part of the city. Its history is extensive. In 1790, John Marshall, best known as the “Great Chief Justice” for his role in creating the modern Supreme Court, built his home, the Wickham House, and lived there for forty-five years until his death. Originally built in 1818 as a residence for Richmonder, John Brockenbrough, the building known as the White House of the Confederacy served as the executive mansion and home of Jefferson Davis, and his family, from August 1861 until the Civil War’s end in April 1865.

The Egyptian Building, built in 1845, planted the seeds of what became VCU Health System, the largest stakeholder in today’s Court End neighborhood. And in 1876, the historic First African Baptist Church building that still stands today was built on the site of the original church founded in 1841. The church counts John Mitchell, Maggie L. Walker, and Doug Wilder among its illustrious members.

Court End in Richmond, VA

Places to Live in Court End, Richmond, VA

Court End neighborhood is an area with excellent medical, legal, visitor and tourism facilities. Living downtown is available very nearby in the Jackson Ward, Financial District and Arts District neighborhoods.

Court End in Richmond, VA

Things to Do in Court End

Court End is rich in history and home to many cultural institutions like The Valentine and landmarks like the John Marshall House. You can even visit the top floor Observation Deck at City Hall to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Court End in Richmond, VA

Court End Shops and Restaurants

Enjoy exploring the eats, products and services of Court End by supporting and patronizing any of these local businesses:

Shops and Services in Court End, Richmond, VA

  • River City Treasures Gift Shop, 1000 E. Broad Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Three Bears Gift Shop, 1213 E. Clay Street (Critical Care Hospital at VCU)
  • The Valentine Museum Store, 1015 E. Clay Street
  • The Virginia Shop, 800 E. Broad Street
  • VCU Medical Center Bookstore, 601 N. 10th Street (VCU Health Campus)

Restaurants in Court End, Richmond, VA

  • Ms. Bee's Juice Bar at The Valentine, 1015 E. Clay Street
  • Chick-Fil-A, 403 N. 13th Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Christopher's Runaway Gourmay, N. 11th and E. Clay Sts
  • Panera Bread, 1250 E. Marshall Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Toastie's Panini Grill, 1100 E. Marshall Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Starbucks, The Gateway Bldg at 1200 E. Marshall Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Starbucks, 641 N. 8th Street (VCU Health Campus)
  • Subway, 1250 E. Marshall Street (VCU Health Campus)
Court End in Richmond, VA