Although “RVA” existed well before we put the first sticker on a bumper, its full potential to bring the community together had never been explored. That all changed when a work group of six creative organizations – The Martin Agency, VCU Brandcenter, West Cary Group, JHI, Elevation and The Hodges Partnership – collaborated with us to develop the creative, community engagement experiment that is RVA Creates. What was a simple idea: create an open source city identity; has grown into something bigger and better than we could have ever done on our own. That’s the power of RVA!

In the years since the first RVA sticker printing, the impact of our venture is clear:

  • #RVA has well over 100 million Twitter posts
  • #RVA has well over 5.3 million Instagram posts
  • A Google search for “RVA” results in well over 256 million search results
  • 1500+ business entities with “RVA” in the name registered to the SCC

Our work goes to show that our community wanted, and now celebrates, a sense of ownership over their city and associates part of their identity with the identity of our city.

If you would like to have your very own RVA sticker, or to offer them at your place of business, please email contactus@venturerichmond.com.

Create Your Own RVA Logo Here!

RVA Creates A to Z Banners

Banners may not seem like a big deal, but they are a big part of our job at Venture Richmond and our own creative way to add color and excitement to downtown. We are responsible for managing the banner program, and close to 200 banner poles, on behalf of the city. Our job is to create and maintain different campaigns over the years. One of our most memorable campaigns was to honor RVA hosting the 2015 UCI Race, a monumental moment for our city. Since then, we have run the "RVA Creates A to Z" campaign – a celebration of our vibrant community that was inspired by the incredible range of creativity that exists downtown. Outside of our special campaigns, our seasonal installation of banners includes the Richmond Folk Festival, 2nd Street Festival and holiday banners. If you see a problem with one of our banners, or just have a banner question, please email contactus@venturerichmond.com.

2020-21 Faces of Downtown Campaign

Downtown Richmond is Open!

In 2020-2021, as Richmonders waded through the devastation and uncertainty of a world-wide Covid-19 pandemic from their homes, businesses Downtown began to suffer. And, as the months went on, many were forced to close temporarily and some permanently.

In December 2020, Venture Richmond started a marketing campaign called the “Faces of Downtown,” to reach out to the Richmond Region, reminding people that Downtown has hundreds of small businesses, non-profits, and cultural institutions that are open. A reminder that small businesses in Downtown Richmond have their doors open, awaiting the return of people in a safe and responsible way. The advertisements were all the friendly faces of Downtown business owners, reminders to support them, that they are friends and neighbors, the faces of your Downtown. #MeetMeDowntown

Read more about the full marketing campaign here:

2022 Meet Me Downtown Campaign

Downtown is Still Open!

As a follow up to our Faces of Downtown advertising campaign in 2020 supporting small businesses Downtown, in May 2021 we launched the Meet Me Downtown campaign to remind central Virginian’s that Downtown Richmond has hundreds of restaurants, museums, attractions, events, arts and entertainment venues, galleries and shops that are unique, open and welcoming to all! The ads featured all of the exceptional things to ENJOY, DISCOVER, EXPLORE and SHOP in Downtown Richmond. #MeetMeDowntown

Read more here: https://venturerichmond.com/news/Meet-Me-Downtown-Richmond/