What is the Riverfront District?

Downtown Richmond’s Riverfront District was established by the City of Richmond in 1990 as a part of the Downtown General Special Service and Assessment District, providing special enhanced services in Downtown. The Riverfront Overlay District includes properties along the riverfront from the Mayo Bridge/14th Street to the east, Belvidere Street to the west, Byrd Street to the north and the James River to the south.

History of the Riverfront District in Downtown Richmond

Richmond, lying on the fall line of the James River, was destined for a history steeped in navigation and trade. From George Washington’s vision of canal transportation to bypass the falls of the James to Tredegar’s well-known use as an iron ammunitions hub during the Civil War, Richmond’s riverfront holds centuries of American history. ​Today, the Riverfront District thrives as a vibrant epicenter of downtown workplaces, riverfront landscapes, and verdant open areas, serving as a testament to its enduring vitality.

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