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@ Small Friend Records & Books

July 10

7-8:30PM @ Small Friend Records & Books

The Writing on the Floodwall is a cabaret for spoken word at Small Friend Records & Books.

If you’ve ever written a thing (a poem, a story, a zine, a recipe), come read it out loud.

If you’ve ever read a thing you liked (a tract, a play, a list, an essay), come read it out loud.

And if you enjoy the sound of text read aloud, come listen.

Slots are seven minutes a piece. Sign up at the door. Slots fill up quickly, so arrive on time!

Small Friend Records & Books is resolutely opposed to racism, sexism, cis-sexism, homophobia, classism, ablism, and ageism. All are welcome, and all are meant to feel welcome. Please keep this in mind while choosing what to read, and help us make this a fun event for everyone.

Find more information about this event here!
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