So it appears
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Friday, February 24-Sunday, July 16

Institute for Contemporary Art, 601 W. Broad Street

So it appears is an exhibition that — at first glance — addresses abstract art of the last twenty years, globally. At a deeper level, the exhibition shows how abstraction can be a visual strategy, a way of revealing the aesthetic or political challenges of what is difficult or impossible to present. The abstract, conceptual and minimalist forms of the art works in the exhibition carry stories of incarceration, injustice, enslavement, the invisibility of migrants, environmental racism, and sonic warfare, among other themes.

Coming together from far afield, these works yield subtleties and associations that invite reflection on the intimate interrelation of global crises. So it appears is a site for the viewer to research, explore and test their own perception, questioning how we see, and approaching each artwork as a repository.

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