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Why You Should Choose Downtown Richmond

Over the past two decades, Downtown Richmond has absorbed nearly half of the city's population growth, become the uncontested economic center of the city and has a remarkable concentration of the city's real estate and cultural assets. All of this, combined with a strong housing market, quality open spaces, and diversity scores shows positive indicators for the unstoppable growth and bright future for RVA's downtown.

5 Reasons to Do Business in Downtown Richmond

1. Variety of Office Space

76% of the City's office space is in downtown Richmond ranging from traditional office environments to co-working spaces and start-up incubators

Find a sense of community, collaboration, learning, and sustainability at co-working spaces like Common House, 1717 Innovation Center and Gather or opt for a floor inside one of downtown's office towers like James Center, Riverfront Plaza or SunTrust Center.

Find more information about your office options in downtown RVA here!
5 Reasons to Do Business in Downtown Richmond

2. Quality of Life and Amenities for Your Employees

An affordable cost of living, access to the RVA riverfront, amazing restaurants and more are all waiting for you in downtown Richmond

250+ restaurants, the James River Parks System, the Arts District and the summer concert series, Friday Cheers are just a few of the benefits of spending your work day in downtown RVA.

5 Reasons to Do Business in Downtown Richmond

3. Our Young and Educated Workforce

70% of downtown's residents are between the ages of 18-34 and 57% have a Bachelor's degree or higher

Richmond's higher learning institutions and universities like Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, Virginia Union University, Virginia State University, Randolph Macon College and Reynolds Community College foster a locally sourced applicant pool while Richmond's professional community offers opportunites for development and networking to young professionals and recent transplants to RVA.

Find more information regarding downtown's demographics here!
5 Reasons to Do Business in Downtown Richmond

4. Residential Population Growth and Accessibility to Visitors

Downtown has seen a 110% residential population growth from 2000-2018 and 70% of the city's hotels are located in downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond serves as a residential center and tourism destination with a population of 21,000 residents and an inventory of 2,581 hotel rooms. Downtown RVA has seen a 71% increase in residential units since 2010 and has absorbed close to 50% of the city's population growth. Meanwhile, if you are looking for foot traffic from visitors, or accomodating travel itineraries for out-of-town folks, downtown Richmond is a cultural hub home to 40+ venues, the Greater Richmond Convention Center, 15 museums, 25 parks and natural areas and more. Downtown's tourism industry boasts $526 million in annual retail sales (55% of this economic activity is from non-residents) with restaurants, breweries and bars accounting for $221 million (89% of this economic activity is from non-residents).

5 Reasons to Do Business in Downtown Richmond

5. Resources like Venture Richmond

Utilize our services and expertise to make your downtown RVA experience the best it can be

As downtown Richmond's leadership organization, our mission is to engage business and community leaders in partnering with the city to enhance the vitality of the community, particularly downtown, through economic development, marketing, promotion, advocacy and events.

We are eager to answer any questions regarding downtown Richmond and/or our role in making things happen in downtown RVA.

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