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One of my favorite activities to do in downtown Richmond is to thrift! There are so many amazing stores to choose from that are all in the same vicinity. From Blue Bones to 68 Home, the options are endless and I’m sure will satisfy anyone’s thrifting needs. I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity from Venture Richmond to go thrift shopping for the day while challenging me to shop with a $100 budget. I knew that I could find amazing pieces within $100 from each store I went to because the thrift shops that are part of downtown Richmond offer some of the best items.

Blue Bones Vintage & Steady Sounds

322 W. Broad Street

The first spot I shopped at was Blue Bones Vintage and Steady Sounds, a shop full of unique vintage pieces, an impressive selection of vinyls, and an outstanding variety of accessories. Blue Bones has always been one of my favorite vintage shops in Richmond, so I knew picking out an item wouldn’t be hard. Their selection of jeans, t-shirts, and tops were endless, but as a sifted through each rack, a delicate striped sweater caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to try on. I knew I needed to aim at a $25 limit at each store and the sweater was $22 which was the perfect price in order for my entire thrifting haul to stay within $100.

Pop City & CobbleStore

106 W. Broad Street

Second on my thrifting adventure was Pop City and CobbleStore, a retro-themed retail shop. As soon as I stepped inside, I was immediately taken back to the 90’s. From vintage video games, VHS tapes, and other nostalgic items, I couldn’t wait to pick out the perfect throwback piece.

One of my favorite things to do in thrift stores is to search through the men's section because you never know what kind of sweatshirts or jackets you will discover. While searching through this area, I came across an oversized zip pullover, a large Champion t-shirt, and a 1998 Looney Tunes crewneck. The Looney Tunes crewneck ended up fitting very nicely and was priced at $20 which became the perfect piece to add to my thrifting challenge.

Rosewood Clothing Co.

16 W. Broad Street

Next on the list of shops I visited was the most charming store that defined my mindset of a quaint and sustainable shop. Rosewood Clothing was decorated with new and vintage pieces ranging from shoes and accessories to home goods and beauty. The space was filled with creativity and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Almost every clothing rack was organized by color, which made it easy to search through. I ended up picking out a lilac and pink sweater to try on. The lilac sweater fit perfectly and had the softest texture, something I can’t live without. The item was $32 and I knew it was a sweater I would have only been able to find at Rosewood, so I had to add it to my shopping collection for the day.

68 Home

5 W. Broad Street

I ended my thrifting experience at 68 Home, a new and used furniture and home goods store. As I stepped inside, I instantly became excited to shop through the bohemian-styled store. You can’t help but gaze at the wide variety of decors that fill the mid-century themed space. From wicker furniture pieces to beautiful wall decorations, the amount of pieces to shop from were exceptional.

To complete my budget, I wanted to choose between smaller pieces that were curated throughout the store. I chose a few $2 vintage postcards, an $8 dog art print, a $3 dish in the shape of a pear, and an $8 wooden elephant decor. Each item has its own unique personal use to it, which is what I love about the selection of 68 Home.

I am always amazed by the thrifting scene in downtown Richmond due to the artistic range of options when it comes to clothing, decor, and furniture. They also provide an eco-friendly way to shop, along with finding surprisingly interesting pieces while on a budget. Prices from each store varied, so I am confident that everyone can find something they love at their preferred price. Each store was within walking distance along with other surrounding thrift and antique shops which creates another aspect that I love about the downtown thrift scene.

This thrifting adventure was so much fun, because I got to experience four different and unique shops while challenging myself to shop within a budget. I encourage others to try the same and create their own budget and see what inspiring items can be found!

Explore all of the Richmond Arts District shops via our map!

Written by Hannah Lee

Photos by Dave Parrish

Hannah is an intern at Venture Richmond & senior at VCU studying Public Relations.