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Support Local, Shop Small and Stay Safe

Shopping small has never been so easy with our guide to RVA businesses you can support from the comfort of your home. Find everything you need (and want) from furniture to your next favorite book in this list of downtown Richmond stores you can now shop online!

1. Maven Made

Health & Beauty

Maven Made

Shop Maven Made here!

2. Fountain Bookstore

Books & Gifts

Fountain Bookstore

Shop Fountain Bookstore here!

3. Serendipity RVA

Women's Clothing & Accessories

Serendipity RVA

Shop Serendipity RVA here!

4. Little Nomad

Children's Toys, Clothing & Gifts

Little Nomad

Shop Little Nomad here!

5. Shakoor's Merchandise

Cultural Artifacts & Natural Products

Shakoor's Merchandise

Shop Shakoor's Merchandise here!

6. Mod & Soul

Women's Clothing & Accessories

Mod & Soul

Shop Mod & Soul here!

7. Adiva Naturals

Health & Beauty

Adiva Naturals

Shop Adiva Naturals here!

8. Chilalay

Clothing & Streetwear


Shop Chilalay here!

9. Blue Sage Bridal

Wedding & Bridal Boutique

Blue Sage Bridal

Shop Blue Sage Bridal here!

10. Utmost Co.

Clothing & Streetwear

Utmost Co.

Shop Utmost Co. here!

11. Whilom Goods

Homewares, Gifts & Accessories

Whilom Goods

Shop Whilom Goods here!

12. Verdalina

Women's Clothing & Accessories


Shop Verdalina here!

13. The Someday Shop

Homewares & Gifts

Someday Shop

Shop the Someday Shop here!

14. LaDiff

Furniture & Decor


Shop LaDiff here!

15. Sassy Jones Boutique

Women's Clothing & Accessories

Sassy Jones

Shop Sassy Jones here!