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@ Candela Books + Gallery

August 3

7-11PM @ Candela Books + Gallery

Candela Gallery celebrates the annual UnBound! summer exhibition by hosting our a fundraising gala. The proceeds raised through ticket sales and raffle tickets will be used to purchase select photographic works from the UnBound8! exhibition. The event allows us to continually build the Candela Collection and generate unique opportunities and exposure for participating artists. The Candela Collection currently includes 63 photographic art works & 11 fine art photography books. Candela's promise is to eventually donate the collection to a notable art institution.

We are always thrilled by the support and overall enthusiasm for the event. This years’ gala will offer libations, eats, and entertainment; including live music by Quatro Na Bossa! Terry Brown's mouthwatering back alley fried chicken! Adult snow cones! A dragging fish performance by Eric Anthony Berdis! Host of Sparrows Mermaids with bubbles! Raffle prizes alongside backroom gambling opportunities! And more!

Our annual summer party has earned its reputation as a legendary good time. SO BE THERE!

Event tickets ($50 per person or $90 per couple) are being sold in advance online and at the gallery. Visit our website, stop by the gallery, or call 804-225-5527 for your ticket!

Raffle tickets ($10) also available in advance and night of the event.

Please feel free to show your support for a good cause by buying raffle tickets even if you can’t attend the event… your ticket will pay forward to some sweet unsuspecting stranger at the party, AND you’ll be helping us collect photography!


Thomas Alleman / Asiya Al-Sharabi / Sophie Barbasch / Sheri Lynn Behr / Wes Bell / Patricia A. Bender / Magda Biernat / Jaclyn Kolev Brown / Tommy Bruce / Jay Boersma Gary Burnley / Adrian Burrell / Michael Cardinali / Jo Ann Chaus / Will Douglas / Maureen Drennan / Emily Earl / Katherine Finkelstein / Łukasz Gniadek / Christopher Kardambikis / Jessica M. Kaufman / Kat Kiernan / Kent Krugh Louviere + Vanessa / Kerry Mansfield / Sam Margevicius Noelle Mason / Andy Mattern / Kristen Matuszak / Elizabeth McGrady / Anne Arden McDonald / Moira McDonald / Nancy Newberry / Mark Peter McKnight / Maya Meissner / Kendall Messick / Fortune Monte / Colleen Mullins / Nadiya Nacorda Alex Nyerges / Natalie Obermaier / Alissa Ohashi / Christos Palios / Paula Riff / Holly Roberts / Michelle Rogers-Pritzl / Ken Rosenthal / Kyra Schmidt / Heather Evans Smith / Jerry Takigawa / Raymond Thompson / Amanda Tinker / Harrison Walker / Emily White / Sara J. Winston

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