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Are you looking for a home and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a rehab? Do you own, and want to educate yourself before engaging contractors on a renovation project?

Created in response to a rising demographic of single women homeowners, this workshop is for all individuals who want to gain a better understanding of home improvement and construction management, with a focus on making residential renovation and rehab more approachable for women. Participants will learn about the building process from start to finish, while developing a plan for navigating wants versus needs.

Workshop Topics Include:

-Setting realistic renovation and rehab expectations -The importance of research and a clearly articulated design vision -Pros and cons of DIY versus hiring a professional -Finding and selecting contractors and tradespeople -Understanding legal considerations: contracts, permits, licenses & insurance -Procuring supplies and materials -Project management, contingency planning and budgeting

Single women are currently the second-largest segment of homebuyers, yet many pass on great purchase opportunities because they are intimidated by the renovation process or do not know where to begin. As two women who independently took on multiple rehab projects and who have worked with dozens of trades specialists, the workshop creators have been asked many times how they did it.

Hosts Erin Helland of HardHat Diplomat and Lee Pera of Kotierra will share the organizational tools and experience they gained to help others, especially women, become their own project managers and feel confident in making informed and cost-effective decisions when buying and renovating a home.

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