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@ Gallery5

6:30-8:30 PM

Burning Man. A week long, 75,000 person art and fire festival held every year over Labor Day weekend in the barren wasteland of northwestern Nevada. A place full of infinite, unabashed, unapologetic art, creativity and self-expression... and also extreme temperatures, constant noise and more dust than you could ever imagine. For some it's a nightmare, and for plenty of others it's a dream come true.

Perhaps you've simply heard of it - or seen the fire performers at Gallery5 - and had your curiosity piqued. Maybe you've put it on your bucket list but just haven't made the leap yet. It could be that you're bound and determined to go this year for the first time, so you're gearing up for ticket sales like so many others around the world.

Whether you're a first-timer or perhaps you're simply curious about this incredible event and the "Burner" subculture, feel free to join us for the "Burning Man for Beginners" workshop!

We'll discuss everything from the 10 Principles, to logistics of making it to "the big burn," to the local/regional burn scene including some official east coast Regional Burns (Ignite, Transformus, Playa Del Fuego & Constellation, Catharsis on the Mall, etc), plus local events and meetups right here in Richmond!

Please Note - This event is only open to those who have never attended Burning Man, burn-curious folks who are interested about the event and culture, and burners who are new to the Richmond area. This is due to space being limited and to ensure the conversation stays on track and we are able to cover the material in a timely manner. For the seasoned vets out there, don't worry - regular RVA Burner Meetups will start up once the weather is warm again! But please do invite your friends who are Burners, but just don't know it yet!

Gallery5 will be open that evening for their regular weekly Game Night, so feel free to come early, stay late, and grab a drink or two!

This is a Leave No Trace event, please leave the space cleaner than you found it.

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