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@ Basic City Beer Co.

July 18

5:45-9PM @ Basic City Beer Co.

Come out to Basic City Beer Company RVA and ride mountain bikes with James River Racing.

Basic biking skills such as changing gears, braking, and previous experience riding trails recommended.

Meet @ 5:45 PM - Roll @ 6PM

We will ride a combination of downtown trails chosen the day of the ride taking into consideration rider preference.

We will have lead rider(s) and sweep rider(s) to maintain a no drop ride.

Depending on attendance we may have two routes using the following format:

More experienced riders will gravitate towards the front of the pack while less experienced riders will congregate towards the back with the sweep keeping everyone together. Riders’ skill will determine the groups as we go. If you feel like slowing down you can always drop back to join a slower group of riders within the pack. Some riders may wish to ride longer than others so we will reconvene on occasion to determine who wants to ride further and who wants to head back. As groups split off, leaders and sweeps will assist with each group.

Helmet and mountain bike required, gloves and eye protection recommended.

Find more information about this event here!
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