Friday Cheers 2024: Who's who?
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The 2024 Friday Cheers Lineup is here!


Presented by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Friday Cheers celebrates its 39th anniversary in 2024 as the longest-running concert series in Richmond. The 2024 Friday Cheers lineup showcases some of the nation’s hottest touring bands and all-time regional favorites like Sam Barber, Daniel Donato, Sir Chloe and many more!

Bella White with Colby T. Helms and the Virginia Creepers

May 3

Bella White

Bella White's debut album, "Just Like Leaving," showcased her talent for blending country/folk with bluegrass roots despite her Calgary upbringing. At 22, her sophomore release, "Among Other Things," reveals a bold evolution. White, now in British Columbia, explores newfound musical freedom, enriching her sound with organ, Fender Rhodes, strings, and timpani. Amidst these embellishments, her timeless country craftsmanship shines, reflecting her bluegrass immersion. Each track, anchored by White's acoustic guitar and emotive vocals, reflects familial influence and festival experience. Her voice, filled with wisdom and compassion, transcends her youth, conveying profound insight.

  • If you like Sierra Ferrell, Emmylou Harris, and Margo Price, you'll like Bella White.
  • Songs to check out: Just Like Leaving, Burn Me Once, and Now She Knows What It Feels Like

Colby T. Helms and the Virginia Creepers

Half-a-mile from the nearest neighbor, in the Southwest Virginia foothills, Colby Helms resides in an "underground house" built by his late father. Daily, he chops wood for the stove, hunts, and cares for his mom. Colby's raw, authentic country music reflects his life's depth. Losing his dad to cancer at 12, he turned to music for solace, mastering guitar, banjo, and mandolin through local performers and YouTube. With a growing vinyl collection, gigs with The Virginia Creepers, and D.I.Y. YouTube performances like "Smoke and Flames," Colby's honest songwriting and twangy vocals blend country storytelling, bluegrass vigor, and blues essence. Signed to Photo Finish Records, his 2023 singles precede his debut album.

  • If you like Tyler Childers, Wyatt Flores, and Vincent Neil Emerson, you'll like Colby T. Helms.
  • Songs to check out: Higher Ground, Daddy's Pocket Knife, and Mountain Brandy
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Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country with Mackenzie Roark and the Hotpants

May 10

Daniel Donato

Describing his genre as Cosmic Country, Jake Donato crafts a musical world bridging Nashville and the Great West with organic rock and roadhouse twang. Donato's journey, influenced by legends like Merle Haggard and Jerry Garcia, began in Nashville, where he honed his skills playing with local bands. Reflector, his latest album, showcases his growth as an artist, featuring original songs that evoke a sense of joyous Southern rock, high 'n' lonesome bluegrass, and trippy cosmic exploration. With producer Vance Powell's guidance and Nashville pedal steel legend Paul Franklin's contributions, Reflector reflects Donato's internal and external worlds, creating an engrossing musical journey.

  • If you like New Riders of the Purple Sage, Widespread Panic, and Sturgill Simpson, you'll like Daniel Donato.
  • Songs to check out: Fire on the Mountain, Lose Your Mind, and Dance In The Desert

Mackenzie Roark and the Hotpants

Mackenzie Roark and the Hotpants is a magnetic fusion of classic country, 70’s folk, and raw rock and roll, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Led by singer-songwriter Mackenzie Roark, this ensemble brings her poignantly introspective, yet vibrant songs to life. Mackenzie's songwriting prowess draws from a well of influences, including classic country icons like Townes Van Zandt and Loretta Lynn, fused with the bold, punchy energy reminiscent of Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow. Mackenzie Roark and the Hotpants deliver a performance that's both emotionally evocative and sonically compelling, inviting audiences to sway to the songs, reflect on the stories, and ultimately feel the pulse of genuine, heartfelt music.

  • If you like Grace Potter, Sheryl Crow, and Sierra Ferrell, you'll like Mackenzie Roark and the Hotpants.
  • Songs to check out: Highway I've Been On, Killin' Time, and Little Pills
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RVA Music Night: The Legendary Ingramettes with Woody Woodworth & the Piners and Knifing Around

May 24

The Legendary Ingramettes

For over sixty years, The Legendary Ingramettes have bridged generations with their powerful gospel music, born from the determination of matriarchs Maggie Ingram and Almeta Ingram-Miller. Formed in Richmond, Virginia, inspired by 1940s-50s male quartets, they uplift with roof-raising harmonies. Following Maggie's passing, Almeta leads the group with their album "Take A Look In The Book," blending new Appalachian tunes with family classics. Produced by Jon Lohman for Virginia Humanities, the album, recorded in three days, captures the group's electrifying live energy. With vocals that soar and spirits that ignite, a performance by The Legendary Ingramettes is an unforgettable, house-rocking experience.

  • If you like Blind Boys of Alabama, James Brown, and Ray Charles, you'll like The Legendary Ingramettes.
  • Songs to check out: Grandma's Hands, Take A Look In the Book, and Time is Winding Up

Woody Woodworth & the Piners

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Woody Woodworth & The Piners are apart of the state's country music revival. Since 2016, they've drawn inspiration from Virginia's musical heritage and Appalachian culture, crafting a unique blend of storytelling with country, bluegrass, and rock and roll. Led by Woody Woodworth's down-home stage presence and honest vocals, their sound, described as Appalachian alt-country with a hint of southern rock, captivates audiences. Influenced by his upbringing surrounded by country classics and 60s-70s rock, Woodworth's songwriting delves into the heart of Appalachia, weaving tales of love, loss, and the American spirit. With critical acclaim for their debut album "Virginia," and recent releases including singles "Cherokee Maggie" and "Long Way Down," the band anticipates two studio LPs in 2023: "Outlaws & Saints" and "Rebels & Dreamers."

  • If you like Drive By Truckers, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, and Turnpike Troubadors, you'll like Woody Woodworth & the Piners.
  • Songs to check out: Virginia, Seventeen, and Lucky Stars

Knifing Around

Richmond-based Knifing Around is a four-piece dance rock outfit crafting angular, experimental tunes influenced by the southern art rock legacy. Their lyrics delve into American politics, modern romance, and the existential angst of 21st-century existence.

  • If you like Devo, Idles, and LCD Soundsystem, you'll like Knifing Around.
  • Songs to check out: Knifing Around, American Theme, and Rebels of the Neon God
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Sir Chloe with Deux Visages and Prabir Trio

May 31

Sir Chloe

Sir Chloe emerged during Dana Foote's senior year at Bennington College in Vermont, where she traded a thesis for a concert. Originally consisting of Dana, guitarist/producer Teddy O'Mara, drummer Willy Giambalvo, and bassist Pixel West, the lineup expanded to include Dana's brother Palmer Foote and Austin Holmes. Influenced by The Pixies and Stravinsky, they crafted a unique sound. Dana's musical journey, from self-taught guitar to mastering piano, mandolin, accordion, and harmonium, is eclectic. Formally studying music theory and composition at Bennington, her influences span from St. Vincent to Stravinsky. Her songwriting mirrors both traditional rock and contemporary intimacy, reflecting her diverse academic background.

  • If you like Girl in Red, boygenius, and The Strokes, you'll like Sir Chloe.
  • Songs to check out: Michelle, Animal, and Sedona

Prabir Trio

Hailing from Richmond, VA, The Prabir Trio infuses rock and roll with eclectic flair. With Kelli Strawbridge on drums, Russell Lacy on bass, and Kenneka Cook on harmony vocals, they complement Prabir's dynamic guitar and lyrics. Their synergy creates a refreshing yet comfortable musical landscape, blending diverse styles. Their songs, laden with groove and conversational chaos, mirror the unpredictability of life.

  • If you like Dr Dog, Ben Folds, and the Beatles, you'll like Prabir Trio.
  • Songs to check out: Slowly, Light Up In The Name Of Love, and America

Deux Visages

Operating out of a Miami garage, Deux Visages blends glittery elements with nostalgic indie rock, revitalizing intimate melodies and poignant guitars with bursting rhythms. Comprising Daphney Hanono, Jack Chiu, Tony Jouvin, and Antoine Lappin, the quartet injects a mix of angst and dreaminess into their music. As they tour and record, they consistently enrich the music scene with their distinctive sound.

  • If you like Paramore, Car Seat Headrest, and Ceramic Animal, you'll like Deux Visages.
  • Songs to check out: Cheetah, Tethered, and February
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Mdou Moctar with Leon III

June 7

Mdou Moctar

Mdou Moctar, from Niger's Azawagh desert, defies Tuareg guitar norms with a unique sound, pushing genre boundaries. Self-taught on homemade guitars, he rose to local fame before recording his debut album "Anar" in Nigeria in 2008, followed by "Afelan" in 2010. He starred in the Tuareg language film "Rain the Color Blue with a Little Red In It" in 2015. His 2017 album "Sousoume Tamachek" evokes desert tranquility, exploring spirituality and love. Moctar blends tradition with contemporary fast-paced Tuareg rock, touring internationally and gaining acclaim from BBC, NPR, and Rolling Stone. From Niger to global stardom, his rise is unparalleled.

  • If you like Tinariwen, Jack White, and Bombino, you'll like Mdou Moctar.
  • Songs to check out: Funeral for Justice, Chismiten, and Tarhatazed

Leon III

Leon III's timeless sound channels the essence of Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead, defying today's transient music culture. Rooted in Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent's journey from Wrinkle Neck Mules in the '90s, their musical evolution fuses Richmond's country roots with a progressive, psychedelic ethos. Amidst the Covid-19 upheaval, their forthcoming album, "Antlers in Velvet," offers solace and reflection. Embracing the slower pace of life, it delves into the complexities of American music, resonating with the strange times we live in. Pour a whiskey, let the needle find the groove, and embark on a timeless musical voyage with Leon III.

  • If you like Neil Young, William Tyler, and Osees, you'll like Leon III.
  • Songs to check out: The Whisper is Ours, Mannequins, and Maybe I'm Immune?
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Richy Mitch & the Coalminers with Deau Eyes

June 14

Richy Mitch & the Coalminers

Formed in 2015 in Colorado Springs, Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners blend modern folk with rock. Originally consisting of Mitch Cutts, Nic Haughn, and Jakob Ervin, the band later relocated to Bozeman, Montana, refining their sound. Their journey began casually, inspired by Guitar Hero. Mitch handles vocals and songwriting, while Nic manages production and artwork. Jakob adds lo-fi hip hop beats, shaping their unique sound. Despite attending different colleges, they continued making music, using breaks for recording. Their albums "RMCM," "Solstice," and "Subliming" reflect their DIY ethos, exploring themes of change and artistic expression, a testament to their enduring friendship and passion for music.

  • If you like Bon Iver, Mt. Joy, and Hozier, you'll like Richy Mitch & the Coalminers.
  • Songs to check out: Evergreen, Lake Missoula, and Sage

Deau Eyes

Ali Thibodeau, known as Deau Eyes, defies Gemini stereotypes with her focused artistry. Her upcoming album, "Legacies," delves into themes of personal growth and human connection, borne from introspection during the pandemic. Recorded between a closet and studios in collaboration with Scott Lane and DJ Harrison, the album showcases diverse influences, from Brandi Carlile to Fiona Apple. Thibodeau's introspective lyrics explore environmental issues and love's complexities, blending indie rock with R&B and Americana. "Legacies" culminates in a cinematic journey, emphasizing the human quest for meaningful connections amidst life's uncertainties.

  • If you like Brandi Carlile, Fiona Apple, and Dolly Parton, you'll like Deau Eyes.
  • Songs to check out: All I Want, Some Do, and Haven't You Had Quite Enough
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Digable Planets with Tre. Charles

June 21

Digable Planets

Formed in the early '90s, Digable Planets brought a unique blend of jazz and hip-hop to Brooklyn's music scene. Comprising Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, Mary Ann "Ladybug" Vieira, and Craig "Doodlebug" Irving, along with DJ King Britt, their debut album "Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)" garnered acclaim for its fusion of funk, samba, and psychedelia with street-savvy hip-hop. Their hit single "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" soared to the top of charts, earning them a Grammy. Despite disbanding in 1996, they reunited in 2005, thrilling fans with live performances and plans for a new album, showcasing their enduring influence on jazz-infused rap.

  • If you like A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, and The Roots, you'll like Digable Planets.
  • Songs to check out: Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat), Where I'm From, and Jettin'

Tre. Charles

Tre. Charles is an Alternative/Indie Soul artist whose music delves into the depths of his soul, inviting listeners into his world with a blend of warm tones, powerful lyrics, and emotive crooning. Growing up along the East Coast, his nomadic upbringing and diverse experiences have shaped a sound that pays homage to his journey. Though not formally trained, his music exudes an unassuming yet commanding allure, drawing comparisons to modern talents like Sampha and Hozier, with hints of classic pioneers like Muddy Waters. Described as "calming" yet "transfixing" by Pitchfork contributor Brian Howe, Tre. Charles's music offers a transformative experience with its avant-garde R&B, indie flares, and ambient soul.

  • If you like Sampha, Daniel Caesar, and Cautious Clay, you'll like Tre. Charles.
  • Songs to check out: Mantra., Memory., and Lately.
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Sam Barber with Jake Kohn and VILLAGES

June 28

Sam Barber

Sam Barber grew up on a farm in Southeast Missouri, learning life lessons through athletics like teamwork and discipline. Music wasn't initially his passion; he didn't participate in music classes as a child. However, at 16, he discovered his great grandfather's Gibson guitar and fell in love with playing. Soon, he realized he had a natural talent for singing too. Sam's musical journey was unplanned, but his success astounds him. With over half a million social media followers and 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, his song "Drowning" hit #1 on global viral charts. Sam's vision is to deliver soul-stirring songs while staying true to his faith and identity, free from boundaries or conformity.

  • If you like Zach Bryan, Colter Wall, and Chris Stapleton, you'll like Sam Barber.
  • Songs to check out: Straight and Narrow, Dancing in the Sky, and S.O.B.

Jake Kohn

Jake Kohn, a 16-year-old from Winchester, Virginia, possesses a voice that belies his age, earning him praise as an "old soul" with a "once in a lifetime" talent. With a rich, raspy baritone reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin, Jake's songwriting skill further captivates listeners. Growing up immersed in country music, influenced by legends like Merle Haggard, Jake taught himself guitar at 11 and penned his first "good" song at 12. Encouraged by local artists and supported by his family, Jake's music gained traction on YouTube before going viral with "Frostbite." With industry interest at just 15, Jake's upward trajectory promises a bright future.

  • If you like Charles Wesley Godwin, Josiah and the Bonneville’s, and Red Clay Strays, you'll like Jake Kohn.
  • Songs to check out: Frostbite, Hard As Stone, and Dreams


Part Americana, part neo-70s folk rock, VILLAGES draws inspiration from classic artists such as the Flying Burrito Brothers and Bob Dylan as well as more modern groups like WIlco and Futurebirds. Fronted by pianoist-turned-guitarist Justin Paciocco, the band also features members of Cris Jacobs Band, Jackass Flats, Dogwood Tales, and Farm Vegas.

  • If you like Wilco, Futurebirds, and Flying Burrito Brothers, you'll like VILLAGES.
  • Songs to check out: Death of Me, Everything Is Fine, and Razorblade
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